Debt consolidation can be a good solution to get rid of bad debt – under certain circumstances. If you’re looking at consolidating against your home; and IF it works out cheaper for you to consolidate, then I would only recommend you do this once (if at all). I’d also strongly recommend it be done over as short a time frame as possible – usually there’s no point in adding it to your home loan and paying it off over 30 years. It’s highly likely in this scenario that you’d end up paying more than you would have if you’d just stuck with your existing credit card, personal loan or car loan. I’ve seen a number of people over the past few years that have gotten themselves into “trouble” with bad debt. They consolidated against their home, only to end up right back where they were – and wanting to consolidate for a second time. This is where I think there’s perhaps a lesson to be learned, and where doing an “easy” consolidation might not be the answer. In a circumstance like this, perhaps going through the ‘pain’ of paying out the bad debt might be the better option – in order to break any bad habits and learn whatever lesson the universe has put in front of you to learn. It could be that you’ve over spent on credit cards, buying things you didn’t really need. It could be that you splashed out on a car you couldn’t afford. It’s so easy to get tempted today isn’t it – we have marketers trying to persuade us everywhere we turn, to buy the latest and greatest car, outfit, mobile phone, TV etc. And with seemingly invisible money – a quick tap at the counter with a card is pain free………………………until the interest starts racking up. If you’ve gotten into trouble with bad debt I encourage you to consider your options, including whether there’s a lesson that the universe is pushing you to learn, and whether you need to look at past decisions in order to make better ones in future. Big hugs Kaia xo