Ready Set Launch

A Free 3 Day Masterclass for new Coaches

Taking you from idea to launch with confidence, clarity and purpose


The Ready Set Launch Masterclass Series was run live in April 2020.  It was so well received and made such an impact on the attendees, that I’ve decided to make it available as a free resource for aspiring and new coaches just like you.

You’ve decided to launch your coaching business …


… you know, the one where YOU get to choose how much you work, what your income will be, where you work from, and who you get to work with.


Sounds like a dream come true right?


There IS no better time to start your business than right now, but I know you’re probably wondering whether you can actually be a Coach AND earn money from it.  


You might also be asking yourself where the heck do I start, what do I offer, and if you’re feeling any of the common mindset blocks, how do I put myself out there or how do I stop procrastinating?


I get it and I see you – honestly, I’ve been you!


I’ve walked in your shoes – I know the steps to take to build a successful coaching business …  so I can save you time, effort and money to speed up your launch, and the success of your business.


So, if you’ve been thinking about launching your coaching biz, this is the sign you’ve been asking for.  Sign up now to this jam-packed and  free 3 day Ready Set Launch Masterclass created specifically for new coaches.

In this value-laden 3 day event you will learn:


Day 1 – How to create a rock solid visibility mindset

Learn why mindset is core to your success and identify what your biggest block to success is, so that you can launch your dream coaching business and start making money.


Day 2 – How to build out your signature offers

Together we’ll design your 1:1 coaching offer, so you have clients lining up to work with you


Day 3 – The systems and structures to work less and make more in your coaching biz

Some of the most-asked questions I get are, “what systems do I need?”, “how do I manage my content?”, “how can I reduce the overwhelm of all the ‘tech’?”.


We’ll cover it all in our final day so that you can hit the ground running with the right foundations that’ll allow your biz to grow, especially if you have an existing business, you’re still working 9-5, and/or have a family.

Yes I’m in, sign me up for the Masterclass Series

About your Masterclass Coach:


Hi I’m Kaia,

I’m a Business Coach, who also happens to own and operate another successful business.

I’ve built my coaching business whilst still working in that business – scaling it to where I have a team in place that keep it running while I’m not there.

I help new coaches grow their confidence, transform their mindset and create a clear plan, so that they have the business they long for, and the income to go with it.

I love to see women succeed, and being part of that journey as their Coach is something i’m always so grateful for.

Supporting my clients to step up and out of their comfort zone and hold the belief in themselves on their behalf if needed, until they believe in themselves is an honour.

Here’s what you get when you work with me:

  • Access to a successful business owner in the financial services industry – who within 2 years took her business to multiple 6 figures.
  • Support from someone who’s walked in your shoes and built a coaching business alongside an existing business.  I know the exact steps to take to build a successful coaching business … so can save you time, effort and money
  • A leader who has led teams and been pivotal in building businesses from startup phase to millions in revenue.  Most notably a decade of experience with 2 of Australia’s largest media organisations.

  • A Certified Life Coach and a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach
  • A Coach that truly cares about you and your success – it’s what makes me happy, and it’s why I became a Coach