Hello there lovely If you know a thing or two about me, you’ll know that I love – I mean really love, goals, and goal setting. My alarm goes off at 5.30am every morning and the first thing I do is grab my notebook and write my goals down – every day. I’ve not always done it this way but I’ve always set goals, checked in on my progress, and reviewed them every year to see how I’m going. The way I write them these days is this: I get specific about what I want to achieve I attach emotion to it I write it as if it’s already happened I put a deadline against it As an example, here’s a goal i’m working towards right now: “It’s December 2022 and I live in a gorgeous beach side apartment and I absolutely love it – I can smell the salt air from my windows”. See how it includes emotion, it’s in present tense, and the emotion I attach, I can almost smell the salt air as I sit here in my office. What goals are YOU working towards right now? I’d love to know, so pop me a comment below. Big hugs Kaia xo PS. If one of your goals is an overseas holiday, have a read of my blog – 5 Ways to Save for a Holiday here