Last week I reached out to some family and friends, to ask them what qualities I most demonstrated. I was doing a little research for an upcoming product launch. One of the common themes amongst the feedback, was my determination and perseverance to continue to grow and achieve new goals with my business, and in life in general. It’s not something i’m often conscious about – I just get on with it and keep “doing”. My latest video was all about cheering YOU on and encouraging YOU to have perseverance and grit – whether you’re trying to bury yourself from bad debt, trying to save money to buy a home, or just trying to reach some awesome goals. My biggest piece of advice is to remember the WHY you’re trying to achieve your goal, and to keep your eye on that and not to waver from it – no matter what. It’s soooo easy to get distracted by things – and we are a generation that thrives on instant gratification – it may take a while, heck it could take a couple of years or more depending on your goal but always have it in mind (or better yet, have your goal/s printed and stuck up on the fridge or your bathroom mirror). I’d love to know what goals you’re working on right now so pop a comment below.