You don’t have to sock away large sums of money to get ahead with your savings – regular, small amounts can make a big impact! Once your money is in the bank, it starts to earn interest, and then every time you add more, THAT also earns interest – it compounds over time so you’re earning interest on your interest (insert happy dance here!). Another awesome way to save small amounts is things like Everyday Roundup. You can opt into this with your bank (check though, because not all banks offer this). I do this with my bank and i’m on track to save around $300-$400 this year, from this alone. Cool right? The premise of “small but often” can work for other things too – here’s a few ideas: an extra $20 a week onto your home loan could take years off your mortgage and save you thousands in interest picking your child up from school and grabbing a quick milkshake – a small cost for you, and maybe 30 minutes of your time, but if you’re present with your child, they will love love this a quick cuppa with your elderly parents – I did this with my dad a couple of weeks ago, and it was lovely taking an hour over a weekend to curl up with a book – self care for us busy mums and women is so important! The biggest key is to TAKE ACTION – whatever you choose to do “small but often” – commit to it – and start today! Big hugs Kaia xo Click here to join my 52 Week Money Challenge and join hundreds of other women who’ve committed to saving small amounts every.single.week for the year!