If you’re having trouble saving, it could be time to look at your relationship with money.

Most of us would like to save money because we all understand the financial benefit of doing it, however a lot of the time it takes a back seat, purely because we don’t like to make sacrifices.

Understandably people can be hard pressed financially, with the many commitments we have – however the idea is to start small and build from there.

Here’s some reasons you could be finding it hard to save:

Bad relationship with money

Having a bad relationship with money is spending money on things with no thought about your financial future.

This could be over-spending on items such as entertainment, clothes, or going into debt to fund your lifestyle.

Not having financial goals

Without having a goal for your savings, you can’t expect to get far.

Your money needs somewhere to go or it’ll be flittered away.

If you have a goal and are fully committed you are much more likely to achieve success.

Not asking for help

You may need to speak with an expert to help you plan your way forward.

They can assist by mapping out your plan and it may include paying out some debt before you start your saving journey.


Saving is a necessity and putting it off will only compromise your financial position – regardless of how much money you earn.

Without savings, in the event of an emergency you may end up using credit to fund it – taking you further backwards. If you’d like tips on how to save – you can receive my 50 Money Savings Tips here If you’re saving for a home loan my latest YouTube video shares some ideas. You can view it here, and don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-WOSardGoY&t=2s #money #saving #savingstips #homeloan #mortgage #mortgages #mortgagebroker #mortgagebrokersunshinecoast #goals