Get Visible 

A Free Live Masterclass for aspiring and new coaches


Taking you from unseen to standing out online

As a coach you know getting visible is crucial to working with clients.


But, do any of the below seem familiar to you?


  • Feeling terrified about putting yourself out there for fear of being judged

  • Worried that your social media content will be delivered to crickets

  • Procrastinating about what to share, where to share, how to share – or even where to start? And as more time passes you realise you still haven’t moved your business forward?

  • Wondering whether your ideal client knows you exist? I mean beyond your friends, family and current network?

  • You don’t know if your messaging is resonating with your ideal client, in a way that makes them say “I want to work with her”?


If you answered yes to any of these, then good news. This is for you!


I’m excited to be running this totally free, value-packed Get Visible Masterclass.


If you know you need to be visible, but you haven’t had the confidence to start, or maybe you haven’t known how to get started… 


… this is the sign you’ve been asking for.  


Sign up now and come join!  


The jam-packed free Get Visible Masterclass has been created specifically to give you the confidence and support you need to start showing up and standing out online.

During the Get Visible Masterclass you will learn:


  • Why visibility is key to building your coaching business

    • Your friends and family and your immediate network may know you exist but beyond that, do your ideal clients know you exist, and how do they find you?
    • You may be hoping that you can sign clients without getting visible but if you want clients you absolutely need to embrace showing up
    • How getting visible will help your dream clients find you and sign up to work with you.  Remember, they’ll never be able to work with you if they don’t know you exist!


  • How to create an unshakeable visibility mindset

    • Learn why mindset is core to your success and identify what your biggest block to getting visible is, so that you can start showing up and standing out online with confidence


  • How to Get Visible

    • Why niching is so important, and I’ll show you my 3 step process to get crystal clear on your niche
    • Why Consistency is better than frequency 
    • How to craft your messaging so that it draws in your ideal client
    • Content planning and re-purposing and how it will save you loads of time


To join this valued-packed event, simply enter your details below.

About your Masterclass Coach:


Hi I’m Kaia,

I’m a Business Coach, who also happens to own and operate another successful business.

I’ve built my coaching business whilst still working in that business – scaling it to where I have a team in place that keep it running while I’m not there.

I help new coaches grow their confidence, transform their mindset and create a clear plan, so that they have the business they long for, and the income to go with it.

I love to see women succeed, and being part of that journey as their Coach is something i’m always so grateful for.

Supporting my clients to step up and out of their comfort zone and hold the belief in themselves on their behalf if needed, until they believe in themselves is an honour.


  • I’m an award-winning business owner in the financial services industry business, that I still own and run


  • I’ve walked in your shoes – I know the steps to take to build a successful coaching business, while running another thriving business… I also know what not to do, so can save you time and effort


  • I have led teams and have been pivotal in building businesses from startup phase to millions in revenue.  Most notably a decade of experience with 2 of Australia’s largest media organisations