Hi there lovely, For those that know me, know that i’m not a huge fan of credit cards – in fact – my belief is, that unless you pay yours off in full every.single.month, then you’re better off not having one. In my experience, it’s definitely the minority of people who do this – and it’s by far the majority that don’t. THE BAD I’ve seen how credit cards can cause stress and anxiety if you get in over your head. I’ve seen them prevent people from being able to purchase a home, and i’ve seen them cause relationship issues. Sadly, I’ve also seen people borrow against their home to pay them off and close them, only to go get new ones and end up exactly where they were. So yes, i’ve seen the worst affects of having credit cards. THE UGLY Just before I get down off my soap box – did you know, if you have a $10,000 credit card and you only ever make minimum repayments on it, it could take you 40+ years to pay it off, AND you would pay back a total of $36,332? Crazy right? If I was to ask you what you had to show for your credit card debt, what would you say? Can you remember what you used your card for? Most people have no idea! Okay i’m off that soap box now – but I stress how not using credit cards well can affect you because I care, and because i’d rather see you using that $10,00 towards an investment, a property purchase or even to save for your kids future. Can I suggest that you try to save up about $1000 in an emergency fund and use this for life’s emergencies – as I explain in my below video……… Big hugs Kaia xo Click here to join my 52 Week Money Challenge and join hundreds of other women who’ve committed to saving small amounts every.single.week for the year!