Create Content That Captivates

A 3 Day Challenge for New Coaches


Taking your content from crickets to connections and clients. 

So you’ve recently launched your coaching business and you can’t wait to start signing clients.


But you’re feeling stuck in the whirlwind of knowing you need to be showing up online and creating content, but wondering: 

  • where to post so that your ideal client sees it,
  • what platforms to be on, and
  • what sort of content to actually create.


Or maybe you’ve been at it for a while and you’re feeling like you’re content is somehow missing the mark – no one’s engaging with it and no one’s taking action.


You might even be thinking things like, “who am I to be sharing this message?” or “OMG what the heck am I supposed to say?”


If any of these sound familiar, then Create Content That Captivates is for you!


In this 3 Day Challenge you’ll learn exactly what captivating content is and how to create it so that you start attracting clients and making money in your business.


Are you ready?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Day 1

  • Why content is king when it comes to building your coaching business

  • Nailing the foundations – your niche and your messaging

  • How to ensure you reach your ideal client without being on “all the platforms” and getting totally overwhelmed


Day 2

  • Learn what to say in your content and how to say it, so that you create connections, and relationships with your ideal clients

  • Uncover a process so you can come up with endless ideas for your content …. never be stuck on what to say again

Day 3

We’ll build on Day 1 and 2 and learn how to REALLY elevate your content so it becomes a magnet for your clients


Are you ready?


The Challenge will be a hands on experience.

We’re gonna get sh*t done! 


Each day as you learn each of the steps in creating captivating content. you’ll be given a challenge alongside a worksheet.

Complete the worksheets and at the end of the challenge you’ll have your content strategy mapped out.


✔️ It’s going to be jam-packed.


✔️ It’s going to be lots of fun.


Aaaaand it’s going to have you writing content that has your ideal clients reaching out to YOU

About your Masterclass Coach:


Hi I’m Kaia,

I’m a Business Coach, who also happens to own and operate another successful business.

I’ve built my coaching business whilst still working in that business – scaling it to where I have a team in place that keep it running while I’m not there.

I help new coaches grow their confidence, transform their mindset and create a clear plan, so that they have the business they long for, and the income to go with it.

I love to see women succeed, and being part of that journey as their Coach is something I’m always so grateful for.

Supporting my clients to step up and out of their comfort zone and hold the belief in themselves on their behalf if needed, until they believe in themselves is an honour.


  • I’m an award-winning business owner in the financial services industry business, that I still own and run


  • I’ve walked in your shoes – I know the steps to take to build a successful coaching business, while running another thriving business… I also know what not to do, so can save you time and effort


  • I have led teams and have been pivotal in building businesses from startup phase to millions in revenue.  Most notably a decade of experience with 2 of Australia’s largest media organisations