Coaching Foundations

Taking you from Idea to Launch and Creating Impact in Your New Business

Hello lovely 

I know you’re here because you’ve either been dreaming of launching your coaching business … or perhaps you’ve just launched it.

Your desire to help other people is your purpose – and you can’t wait to live it.

You’ve seen that coaching can create the lifestyle you’re after, flexible hours, work from anywhere, and generating a great income.

You’re also super excited to start working with your dream clients and generating the income you long for…

… But you’re feeling stuck, and you’re thinking to yourself:

  • How do I define my niche – I know it’s important but how on earth do I clarify exactly what it IS?
  • With a million social media platforms, where do I focus my energy?
  • How do I ensure my message cuts through – I’ve seen just how many coaches are out there, vying for attention
  • I know I need to create content but i’m scared to put myself out there
  • What offers should I create – do I start with a Course, a Group Program, 1:1 – and what do I include in them?
  • How do I make sure my dream clients know I exist, see my offer and line up to work with me?
  • I know what sort of business I want but how do I get clarity on my big goals and dreams?
  • What steps do I take to build my business?

I know you’re probably thinking these, because i’ve been there, and these are all the questions I had before I launched my coaching business.

I’ve walked in your shoes – I know the steps to take to build a successful coaching business … I also know what not to do, so I can save you time, effort and money to speed up your launch, and the success of your business.

That’s why I launched my VIP Coaching Foundations program.


The Coaching Foundations Program is a 5 month 1:1 VIP Coaching Program, completely tailored to you and your business.

The Program will take you from idea to launch and creating impact in your new coaching business.

Everything during our time together is tailored to you and what you need right now, however here are some of the areas we are likely to work on:

  • Strategy and planning so that you have a clear vision and roadmap for your business that aligns with your values and life goals.

  • Clarity on your niche and your messaging to ensure you’re crystal clear on who your dream client is, and how to market to them with a message that will truly speak to them.

  • Creating your packages and offers – how to package and what to put into your offers which will have your clients lining up to say “where do I sign?”

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy – giving you clarity about how and where to market your new business, and sales skills that will make selling as easy as asking a friend out for coffee

  • Content planning and management – learn a process that will leave you creating endless ideas for content, as well as a guide for how to repurpose your content so you are not reinventing the wheel on every single post – and gives you your time back

  • Creating systems and processes in your business – saving you from reinventing the wheel at every turn and each stage of your business, whilst saving precious time

  • Upleveling your mindset to give you an unshakeable confidence in yourself and your ability as a coach, so that you can  get visible, share your genius zone with the world, and start signing clients

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

Why Work With Me


I help new coaches grow their confidence, transform their mindset and create a clear plan, so that they have the business they long for, and the income to go with it.

 Here’s what you get when you work with me:

  • Access to a successful business owner in the financial services industry – who within 2 years took her business to multiple 6 figures.

  • Support from someone who’s walked in your shoes and built a coaching business alongside an existing business.  I know the exact steps to take to build a successful coaching business … so can save you time, effort and money

  • A leader who has led teams and been pivotal in building businesses from startup phase to millions in revenue.  Most notably a decade of experience with 2 of Australia’s largest media organisations.

  • A Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner,  and a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach

  • A Coach that truly cares about you and your success – it’s what makes me happy, and it’s why I became a Coach

The Coaching Foundations Program includes: 

  • 1 x 90 minute kickstart 1:1 intensive 

  • 14 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions (weekly sessions with one week off every month for implementation and “doing”)

  • Unlimited access to me during sessions for questions, mindset work and support

  • Unlimited feedback and review of content, plans, work 

  • A dedicated Trello board to manage goals and actions plus worksheets provided

  • Strategy Workbooks for Business Planning and Content Planning & Management

You’ll walk away from this not only with a clear vision and roadmap for your business but also the confidence to take action! 

Your marketing strategy will be crystal clear, and you’ll have the solid mindset required to launch and run a successful business.

Your client offer will be created and ready to attract dream clients to you and for you to start generating income.

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