This week’s blog comes off the back of a video from my business mentor, Kerwin Rae. He was chatting with a fellow business owner about discipline – and how we sometimes focus discipline in one area of our life, but not others. It got me thinking about discipline and money…………….. My questions for you are: What area/areas of your life are you disciplined in? Are you disciplined with your money – and if not, how could you apply the same discipline you apply elsewhere, to your money? In what areas of your money could you be more disciplined…………. Could you start saving more regularly? Could you be better at sticking to your budget or money plan? Could you begin making extra repayments on a credit card, or car loan? What action can you take TODAY to create discipline around your money? If you look at the areas you’re disciplined in – I’d almost guarantee that those areas of your life are high up on your values. If money or your financial situation isn’t high on your values – that’s a clue as to why you’re not being disciplined around it. I chat further about this in a recent video below: For me, my money and my financial future are very high on my values and so I focus a lot of energy towards it. I have a strict budget that I stick to. It does include some fun money and savings for holidays but every dollar I earn is allocated and my banking is set up around this. I’d love to know what area of your money that you’d like to be more disciplined in, and what steps you’re going to take to create that discipline – so pop a comment below. Big hugs Kaia xo PS. Are you following me on Instagram? If not hop on over as I share lots of tips and thoughts, as well as some behind the scenes of my life fun.