I’m here to help you become more fearless and confident than you’ve ever been

So that you go after that thing you want, whatever that is for you  ……. a new career or business, exit a business, find love after divorce

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4 Week Private Coaching Program.

Stop letting doubt, uncertainty and overwhelm run the show and start becoming the type of person who’s brave enough to go after exactly what you want – even if that’s just to feel more freakin’ joy than you have in years

This program is for :

  • Women who’re tired of just existing, in a rut, and want more
  • Women who want to be confident & brave enough to go after what they really want
  • Women who want more motivation, excitement and joy in their life after putting everyone else first for so long


You Deserve Amazing

3 month private coaching program.

You have goals and dreams and you’re ready to make them happen.

Because life’s too short to be stuck doing things you don’t want to do. Too short to be constantly stressed out and overwhelmed. Too short not to go after what you truly want

This program is for :


  • Women who want to stop just existing and create an amazing freakin’ life
  • Women who are ready to dive deep and uncover what’s been holding them back
  • Women who have goals and dreams and are ready to be supported to make them happen

Ready to start living with intent and stop life just ‘happening’?

You’re tired of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed all the time. You’re ready to get off the hamster wheel and start creating your life with intent.

You’re ready to feel a whole lot better and you’re ready to become fearless and brave and go after what you truly want – regardless of what other people might have to say, or whether you’re shit scared.

Hey there, I´m Kaia

Certified Life Coach,

Certified EFT/Tapping Practitioner, and

Master Certified NLP, Timeline Therapy(r) & Hypnosis Practitioner 

I’m a single mum and have been since my daughter was a toddler.

I went from going back to live with my folks after my divorce, and earning <$40k a year to owning multiple properties, changing careers at 44 and taking over that business at 48.

That single mum with an 18 month old had BIG dreams – some of which I’ve achieved, and some I’m still working on.

I’ve taken a couple of massive LEAPS of faith – all in my 40’s or 50’s.

I changed careers from finance to media and took a massive 2/3’s pay cut – back to earning $45k a year (eventually earning 6 figures again).

I launched my coaching business at 49.

At 53, in the space of a month, I bought my absolute dream home minutes from the beach, and sold a business I’d owned for 5 years.

I’ve trained with some of the most respected names in the personal development industry.

I’ve devoured all things personal development for decades now. You could say I’m obsessed about the human mind and what makes us tick.

I’m now on a mission to help other women create the life of their dreams. Because I really know that if you BELIEVE something’s possible you can ABSOLUTELY achieve it!

Are you ready?

Grab Your Free Video & Guide

Stop letting fear hold you back. Start feeling confident and brave

Learning the strategy in this video will help you to allow the fear AND still go after whatever it is you want.

In fact, it’ll help you with any negative emotion that typically comes up when we make change – things like anxiety, overwhelm, stress.

what my clients are saying


Linja Reid

“Since working with Kaia, I have made the biggest mindset and action shifts in my life.”

She has helped me to look at things from different perspectives and been a cheerleader as things have started to take off.

I love working with Kaia, she’s an amazing coach.

Cindy Smith

“I felt like I was in a rut, doing the same thing and I wanted some motivation, excitement and energy – and to work out what I want in life.”

I no longer feel trapped, I’m experimenting with new things and i’m in control of my life.  I’ve not only worked out what I want out of life but i’m okay about what others will think about it.  I loved having Kaia as my Coach!


“I was feeling stuck in a job I wasn’t enjoying – stressed out & even stressing about my stressing”

I was in a constant self induced stress cycle.  Stressing about work, home, kids, health. After working with Kaia, I learned that all the rules I had for myself and for others were a big part of my stress and anxiousness.

I now use techniques I have learned from Kaia to calm myself.

I love how Kaia is real and honest and not only talks the talks but walks the walk. You really are a huge inspiration!!


“I gained real insights & clarity”

I wanted better structure & habits in life and business, as well as to address some mindset challenges.

Working with Kaia allowed me to gain real insights into why I do the things I do and question some of my beliefs and actions. It also gave me real clarity around many areas of my life I’ve made many positive changes.

Kaia’s skill set, her own extensive life experiences, and empathy, as well as sense of humour add a great deal of value to her clients.

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