Hi, I’m Kaia

I help business owners grow their confidence, transform their mindset and create a clear plan to transition into being a Coach so that they have the business they long for, and the money to go with it

A bit about me…

My intuition led me to become a Coach.

At the time I had only recently taken over a business (of which I still own and run) and I thought I was crazy to want to launch another business.

I had this nagging feeling that I wanted to help people, more than I was in my current business, and it wouldn’t go away.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned on my personal development journey over the last 30 years, is not to ignore my intuition.

So I didn’t.

And here I am.

I now work with business owners wanting to make a transition into becoming a coach, and also new coaches who are ready to launch.

I have decades of experience in the Corporate world most notably with 2 national digital media companies.  My time in digital media began back in the days of dial up – the heyday of the internet if you like. 

I joined these 2 companies in sales positions, whilst they were in start-up phase – so I know what it takes to build a business from zero.   

I then did this again when I made the leap from advertising to finance 7 years ago – I built my business from the ground up.

It’s what I love doing, it’s what i’m good at – and it’s what I love helping others do.